February 2, 2010

1.25.10 through 1.31.10


After a wedding shower for Elizabeth when I got home their "Save the Date" was in our mailbox! (:


There were several Cardinals outside today! I LOVE birds - how fun! I hope that we'll have lots of these little visitors throughout the spring!


Mike's FAVORITE dessert! Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla Ice Cream & Ginger Thins. Mike isn't very much of a sweet eater, so when we walked down to Publix to return a movie and get a "snack" I didn't figure we'd really come back with dessert! But, after a few minutes of wandering up down the isles, Mike had a GREAT idea! We bought the necessary items, walked home & he made me his favorite dessert! (:


Grace Ann -- the little baby I got to watch today!


First Snow of the Year!!!
M & M


Me & Mike in Highlands! (: We enjoyed a little road trip on our snow day!

January 31, 2010
Goodbye Sweet January

Ice on the porch

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