February 18, 2010

2.9.10 through 2.12.10

You're probably thinking that I just re-used a picture from the other day that I posted a picture of this bird (ahem, Carolyn)...but it's not true. This little birdie lives outside of our house (with the male..or several males! Scandolous! hah!) and hangs out near the bird feeder / front porch. I'm getting daring and venturing off the porch to see how close I can actually get..I am hoping a LOT closer than I have been able to so far.
This stemmed from my boredom at home....

Our newest hobby...we've played a few times (I'm looking forward to some warmer weather!) -- and we aren't very good, but it's something that's fun for us to do together (or with friends!) and it's great exercise! Plus, we can walk to the park that's right behind our house!

Snow day #2...what?! Hah! In SC this is a HUGE deal..too bad they've both happend on the weekend..

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