February 22, 2010

2.13 through 2.15

My latest craft -- the lighting was pretty bad..it's a white canvas, but it looks SO dingy here ): Oh well...I've got to get a gold Sharpee to finish it! 

This is my very special Valentine from my sweet little brother (: It's a Hershey's bar that says "Happy Valentine's Day" on the chocolate! 
A little side note: for Valentine's day Mike & I decided to save the money and to not make it a big deal...however, we did meet a couple friends from church at Bojangle's before the service and had some heart shaped Bo-Berries! (: YUMM!! (I told Mike that I would ALWAYS take heart shaped Bo-Berries for Valentine's day!)

Honey sent Valentine's cards to us - with Movie tickets inside! (: Yiippeeee..a movie date! 

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