February 11, 2010

2.1.10 through 2.8.10

February 1! 

My little bird friend came back. I have a feeling you will seem him a LOT! 

Feb. 2
Back Porch Railing 

February 3
Don't be fooled. It was disgusting! I was SO disappointed! I made these wonderful looking Pound Cake Cupcakes for dessert and when we ate them they were so dry that I literally choked and thought Mike was going to have to do the heimlich!! 

LOST Season Premier (the last season!!!)
How my life will be spent on Thursday nights until it's over, then I do not know what I will do...probably re-watch all of the seasons. Hah! 

Feb. 5
Craft night - painting a picture frame for Ashleigh's shower on Saturday

Feb. 6
"Stock the Kitchen" Shower for Ashleigh (:
Fun Stuff!! 

February 7
The bird feeder that is in our front yard has become a source of a lot of pictures for me! I LOVE birds (if you haven't noticed) 

February 8, 2010
Carson asked me & Mike to join him for some Spirit Week festivities at HHS this week -- Tonight was the dodgeball tourney & boy it took both me and Mike back to when we played in the tournament for LHF during our Spirit Week Senior year! Good Times, Good Times (: 

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