April 23, 2010

4.8 through 4.10

April 8
a silk worm! these little guys have become our friends -- i pick flowers from across the street & they end up in our living room all the time because of it!
April 9
These are mini (healthy) key lime pies..but I think I was supposed to refrigerate them (any help Melbert?!) instead of freezing them because they're super hard to eat unless I thaw them ... but then it isn't very good ):  ... & I think I should've added a LOT of lime juice for it to have a more tart flavor!

April 10
All the girls before going downtown for Ashleigh's bachelorette party!
Back Row: Katie, Brittany, Carolyn, THE BRIDE TO BE, Stephanie & Jess
Front Row: Melissa, Me, Casey, Callie & Madison

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