December 17, 2010

Christmas Scenes

since i can't run right now (due to an Achilles injury) i am trying my darnedest to walk. it's painstaking because it is so slow compared to running! (i know...duh!) and unless i walk btw 10-15 miles a day, it's not near as good exercise. but, i'll trudge through if must. it beats being a complete couch potato. and, since i'm just walking - i may as well take my camera & enjoy the Christmas scenes while i can!

scenes from Bethlehem, who knew these guys would turn up in greenville?

mmmm i love all the wreaths, but i especially love the Christmas trees on the doors!

i want need one of these for our porch

this isn't a great picture because of those darned trees, but it is the oldest house in greenville..and it's right down the street from where i live
oh yea! there is a really sweet old brick wall down by the sidewalk in front of this house. while i was walking i noticed a loose brick - so (i just finished To Kill a Mockingbird recently - one of my newest favorites) i picked it up thinking it may be like the hole in the tree where Boo Radley leaves things for Jim & Scout - however, i only found a baby black widow..yuck.  

this just looks Christmas-y

this is one of my absolute favorite houses near where i live

it's the same house...with a Narnia-esk light pole out front

why not decorate the only tree in your yard with Christmas ornaments?
(i'll remember this for next year...while Mike isn't a big proponent of all the googly Christmas decorations, he thought this was cool. i have to take advantage of that!)

yes, it was the middle of the day. yes, this house was completely lit up in all it's glory.

Merry Christmas from the Martins (:

PS-the cat's outta the bag, but there's no bun in the oven! 

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  1. These houses are beautiful! Are you living downtown? Such quirky little homes. I love it! Makes me want to take my camera on an adventure when I am home for Christmas...