June 28, 2013

month seven

month seven
Amos Michael, I have loved being your mama for the past 7 months. You bring your daddy and me so much joy! You're such a content little dude! What a treat it is to be your parents. 

You've become quite the good eater. By now, you've tried all sorts of foods (even some table food...especially thanks to your grandparents & great-grandparents!) and you eat it all. (Right before you turned 7 months, we went back to the doctor for a possible ear infection and found that you weighed 18#9oz! Praise the Lord for no ear infection!) 

You've been in the swimming pool and lake (even when the water was chilly) and you just splashed around and smiled like it was the best thing in the world. You're the cutest little water-bug around! 

I have so very much loved watching you discover new things each month. This month (we noticed on June 2) you found that you control your hands while lying on the bed with Daddy-O. You  watched yourself open and close those precious hands what seemed like a hundred times in just a few hours. 

We also had our biggest "parent fail" yet this month. One night after bath time we had you on the changing table and "let" you roll right off! How, with both of your parents right there it was possible, I don't know! But, praise the Lord your little spongy self just bounced when you hit the floor. You cried for a bit, but nothing was hurt - you were just scared, as were we! Don't worry, we learned our lesson and you won't be rolling off anything high on our watch again. (: 

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