April 30, 2015

month seven | solomon


Solomon, hooray for seven months! Littlest buddy, you are all-the-time smiley. You think Amos is the best thing ever (seriously) - you love to be where he is, soak up any attention he gives you and can even be soothed by him when Mama's not around (daddy says). You eat like a champ & have even tried some table foods (smooshed black eyed peas, smooshed kidney beans, avocado, fries, cheerios, & graham crackers)...oh yea, and ice cream  & whipped cream thanks to some unnamed grand / great grand parents. (: You still have no teeth. You sit like a rock star - but have no interest in crawling or moving from wherever I sit you (even though Amos and I try daily to get you to crawl or scoot). You sleep with a lovie (a frog or dog), share a room with Amos & just started sleeping on a pillow. And, I can tell that you want to talk so so so badly (like real words). 

Super Solly (your newest nick name given by daddy), you're one sweet dude. I kiss those sweet lips and cheeks at least 100 times a day. You make us laugh when you scream like a banshie at the dinner table. You want to be in the middle of whatever daddy & Amos are doing and you don't like to be by yourself for too long. You love bath time & love to splash and kick. You're growing big and strong (I think you weigh somewhere around 19# now!). 

Solomon Mack, I am so thankful that I get to be your mama...that I get to be the one teaching you new things (when Amos isn't tell me, "NO! Don't teach him.") and watching as you discover and grow. You make my heart smile and I hope desperately that you know just how special and loved you are. 

Keep growing bigger and stronger - we've much playing and learning to do this summer!

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