April 2, 2015

life with two

Life with two little ones looks a lot like: 
unscheduled days
dirty floors
grubby feet (and faces)
some days more shows on the iPad than I care to admit
sleepless nights 
multiple outfit changes throughout the day
dependent independence 
"nugga"ling (snuggling)
playing "backets-ball" outside or building a rock pile on the side walk
tee-teeing outside
family walks downtown or in the park
listening to, discipling, teaching, and instructing all day long

I see my insufficiencies daily and am constantly being shown what it means to sacrifice in loving these boys. I am reminded over and over that their souls are what matter...not how much we accomplish (or don't) each day, not how much I can teach them, not what stuff they have or don't have. I am reminded that everything we have will eventually fade away but their souls are eternal and that while doing my best to point them to the One who created them is exhausting and overwhelming at times (and also a joy!), I am promised that it is eternally rewarding (and to this I will cling). 

I love this season that we're in & being a mama to these boys (and Mikey's wo-man).  We are learning and growing every day. We're playing and creating, we're exploring. This...this is the good life. 

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