July 29, 2013

month eight

month eight 


Sigh. When I look at you, Amos, I no longer see my tiny little baby. Now I see a sweet, handsome, smart little boy. I know that I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but every time I take one of these "month by month" pictures I look back at the others months and boy how you've changed! 

This has been a big month for you. You're first tooth popped through on June 18th and just a few days later you started really army crawling (while we were at the lake). Every since then you have been on.the.move! You don't like to be still for very long which definitely keeps us on our toes. One of your favorite spots to play is under our bed. If ever I can hear you, but not see you, I know that's where you've hidden yourself. 

You are a very curious and smart little one. You use your index finger to feel everything (and I mean everything!). It's super cute. You even use that little index finger to stroke your eyelashes as you fall asleep. Sometimes you also like to play with your hair while you fall asleep. I hope that I will remember these tiny details of your growing and changing in my heart forever. 

We've discovered how very ticklish you are. We love to "hold you down" and tickle you all over! Your laugh is the sweetest sound on this earth! 

Mosie, what a delight you are! (: 

And because I couldn't pick my favorite this month: 
IMG_3460 IMG_3463

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