August 30, 2013

month nine

month nine


Amos! You've been on the outside as long as you were on the inside! I think with each month that passes things get a little more challenging and a lot more fun! You move constantly, like every waking second. You're constantly checking things out and figuring out how they work. You've figured out that you can push on the any door and knock it into the wall to make a very loud noise. You probably do this 100 times a day. You've just started pulling up using our hands. And you still army crawl like it's your job.

You also got TWO more teeth this month! You look like such a big boy with these teeth. I kind of can't handle it. And, your hair has the faintest tint of red to it now. (Honey would say now that it isn't so bleached from the sun.)

We went for your 9 month check up and you weighed 21# 11.5oz and were 28.5" long! Right on track, little guy.

You spent your very first week at the beach with Papa, Mimi, Melbug, Mere, DP, Daddy and me. We took your float and a tent that Daddy picked out and let you lounge on the beach for hours. You walked with Papa every morning and swam in the pool with him too. You also rode bikes (in the baby seat) for the first time ever and had so much fun...until Daddy went over bumps! (Don't worry, he won't take you over any more bumps in the bike.) You also got the tour of the whole beach because everyone loved strolling you in the stroller every afternoon!


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  1. cannot believe how fast he is growing! so, so handsome.