October 31, 2013

month eleven

month 11

Oh boy! Your personality is really starting to shine, Mooska! You are strong willed but sweet, a tough boy, always curious, and sometimes silly. 

Your 5th tooth came in this month! But, that doesn't mean you're eating "big boy" food; you still prefer mama's milk to anything else. You seem to really like the squeeze pouches (fruit and veggies alike), but if we give you solid food you immediately spit it out. Immediately. Little dude, you're going to be a runt if you don't start eating. 

You still LOVE to walk holding on to anyone's hands, and you've walked many a "country mile" doing so. You have no interest in letting go to walk on your own. That's okay...but Mama's ready when you are! 

This month you had lots of sleepovers! At the end of September you spent 4 days with Mimi, Papa and Daddy-O while Mama was in NYC with Amber & Alexa! You took lots of walks, ate lots of Cheerios, enjoyed the swing and played hard with Mimi and Papa! This weekend was also your very first night with just you and Daddy. And, Mimi even kept a journal (from your point of view) of the things you did over the weekend! Mama especially loved this. The very next weekend, after your very first Lauren's Hope 5K you spent the night with Honey so mama could meet daddy in Georgia for our sweet friends, Dave & Gina's wedding! You're getting to be a pro at sleepovers! 

This has been a month of learning for sure. You've signed "more" without being prompted, can stick out your tongue when asked to (and let me tell you, it's super cute!), and have decided to crawl on all fours (sometimes)...the army crawl is still your quickest way of getting around! You're also becoming much more verbal, trying new words and sounds all the time! I can't wait until you can talk to me! 

Mosie, I can't believe we're officially counting down until your BIRTHDAY! I find myself holding you a little longer when you fall asleep in my arms, giving you extra kisses and soaking up every last drop of your last days of your first year. What a big boy you are child of mine. I am so very proud of the little boy that you are and that you are becoming. Keep growing big and strong Amos Michael!

|how he really felt about having his picture taken|

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