December 10, 2013

oh christmas tree

This year we ventured all the way to Berea (not very far from our home) to cut our own tree. We found the perfect tree - a Carolina Sapphire Cypress (not your typical Douglas Fir) and love, love, love its quaint character, lemony fresh smell,  and dainty, whimsical branches. It's everything I've ever wanted in a tree and more. 

IMG_7961 IMG_7963 IMG_7973 IMG_7980 IMG_8091 IMG_8093 IMG_8103

how Amos felt about getting a tree 
Elves Tree Farm
a very Martin Christmas tree
he's a beast -- carryin' it like it ain't no thang...
Moose checkin' it out! 


  1. Wow, Mike, is your Christmas vest a new tradition?

  2. so cool that y'all cut your own tree! and it really is pretty—so feathery!

    also, mike's vest is hilarious. you guys are so much fun :)