August 6, 2014

Boston | Part 2

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On day 2 we set out to see the city through borrowed Bostonian eyes. With nothing more than a list of "must eat at" places, we hopped on the red line to go as far from our hotel as possible and start working our way back. We landed at Davis Square where we lunched at Dave's Fresh Pasta and had coffee at Diesel

Our next stop was at Cambridge, where we meandered on Harvard's campus for a while. When we finally ventured off campus, we made our way to the Harvard Book Store and wandered the streets a little longer before catching the red line to what quickly became one of our favorite nooks, Beacon Hill. (more on Beacon Hill tomorrow) 

|PS--Check out Alexa's pictures from our trip here:|

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  1. oh man. wishing i had that salted caramel latte right about now...

    take me back!!!