September 10, 2014

a letter to my Moose


Dear Amos, how are you almost two?!? Your daddy and I have been wondering this a lot lately. You have been such a pure joy to us over the past 22 months. It has been the neatest thing to watch you develop and grow into a little person. We really are loving the little boy that you're becoming. You are so very smart, handsome, kind, rough & tough (like little boys are), a leader, a mama's boy, and are so stinkin' loved. You aren't even two and you can count to 12 (almost to 15 by yourself), know colors and some shapes, can spell your name, and sing "Pure Imagination" (almost all of the lyrics) with daddy before bed every night.

This summer we've found out just how much you love the water - you're a dare devil at the lake, jumping off the dock to daddy & you were so brave at the beach, wading in neck deep and letting the waves knock you down. You love bubbles and balls and ask everyone who comes over to play with one or the other with you. Your favorite movies right now are "Daddy Veesh" (Nemo) and the "dance" (the credits scene of Nut Job where all the characters dance to Gangnam Style). You love being outside and I hope that this turns into a passion of yours. I hope you love to be outside as much as mama and daddy do and eventually choose to do crazy things like hike the AT. In your 22 months of being here you've earned 3 stamps in your passport and you've traveled to 10 states total. I also hope you learn to enjoy travelin' like your gypsy mama. Mooshka, there is so much world to see - my hope for you and your brothers and sisters is that you drink it up and see it all. Don't be afraid of what's out there.

I want you to know how very special you are to us, wee one, as you become a big brother here very shortly. I know things are going to change for you (for all of us), but my hope is that you are confident that you are loved. You really are going to be the best big brother. You pat and kiss my tummy and say, "Hey Baby...I wud you" all the time in the sweetest voice. And recently, you've been telling the baby to "come here." Moose, this baby is going to think that you hung the moon - treat it well, listen to it, love it, be gentle and kind, read to it, sing to it the ropes ("it" until we know if "it" is a he or she). My prayer is that you two are the very best of buds growing up (and with any other siblings), that you learn to lean on each other and be there for each other (always). Stick up for each other. And know little boy, just how very proud we already are of you.

Mo Mo I pray that the Lord would make you a bold leader, kind, loving, strong but gentle, brave and resilient, humble...a man among men. Your daddy & I have been praying that you would know Jesus and that Jesus would know you in ways that we don't understand. We hope that your heart is always open, willing and obedient to be led by the Spirit and that you would be a usable vessel for Him. We know that the Lord has big plans for you and are so excited to be a part of those plans. What a treat and blessing it has been and is to be chosen to be your parents! 

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  1. that is one loved little man. you are such a good mama.