July 18, 2016




reading: (still) our trail blog book that i gave mike for Christmas a couple of years ago // (& back to) All the Light We Cannot See 

playing: Matt Corby 

watching: the Olympic trials when I can

trying: our damnedest to finish Wayne Cottage enough to move in by July 31 

cooking: currently in a rut ... 

eating: crunchy peanut butter straight outta the jar

drinking: coke zero 


calling: no one (it's 11:25PM)

texting: Mikey (he's across the street working on the white house) 

pinning: things for our girls trip

planning: room by room how we're going to finish this house 


crafting: Rust & Stardust necklaces! Check us out -- new summer necklaces are in the shop!

doing: painting rooms at the white house

going: to enjoy unpacking our boxes / bins in a couple of short weeks!! 

loving: Amos' "mos-hawk" 

hating: when people comment, "You have your hands full." The next person is getting punched in their jugular. My hands are not full yet. 

discovering: that Mast General has the best gummy bears (thanks Ria-haha!) 

enjoying: sweet Ezra's personality at almost 4 months old 

hoping: for a little rest once we're across the street 

celebrating: this sweet friend's engagement  


smelling: Capri Blue | Volcano  

thanking: every one who's put in hours at our white house (: *thank you* 

considering: what being at the beach with 3 littles will be like 

finishing: dividing up leg for the Tuna 200

starting: a paper chain for the boys to countdown moving across the street 


1 comment:

  1. yay for girls trip!!! i have so many ideas to send you :)

    and people's comments, man. along the same lines as "you've got your hands full," the responses to a five month engagement are blowing my mind. if i hear one more shotgun wedding joke...