November 16, 2016



reading: nothing, currently. but, it's nice to have all of our books (out of storage) again 

playing: Christmas music, all day, 'er day (& The Wallflowers station on Pandora when Christmas music fails me) 

watching: Poldark Parenthood 

trying:  to be creative in Christmas gifting 

cooking: lots of eggs on the skillet ... and soup in the microwave #nostoveatthewhitehouse

eating: see above. 

drinking: coffee & coke zero 


calling: no one 

texting: kayla jean 

pinning: Thanksgiving dessert recipes // gift ideas 

planning: to tag along with Mikey on a work trip in December 


crafting:  Rust & Stardust necklaces & earrings 

doing: as much as we can each night at our white house while trying to stay sane 

going: to squeal when our Christmas cards come in (!!) 

loving:  having my photography gig up and running 

hating: the cold weather 

discovering: how to survive feeding our family with just a skillet, crock pot & microwave #welovechickfila

enjoying: editing pictures 

hoping: for a super mild winter (i don't even care if it's rainy, i just don't want it to be cold) 

celebrating: (last weekend) Amos turning FOUR!  


smelling:  coffee 

thanking: Mikey for all of the late nights he's been putting in at our white house & both of our dad's for helping last weekend 

considering: that there are only 39 days until Christmas (and 40 until my 30th birthday) 

finishing: i can't think of a single thing that i'm finishing right now --- so many balls in the air right now 

starting: new journal 


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