April 19, 2017

the pursuit of bravery

what does it mean to be brave? who has a right to claim it as one of their own defining qualities? does bravery stem from our actions, or is it deeper? is bravery even important any more? i believe that bravery can be found in a lot of places and in a lot more hearts than we give credit. for bravery isn't about not feeling fear, but over coming it because we have a reason to do so. maybe the first step towards bravery is solidifying what you find beautiful and what you'd risk everything to protect or to see come to pass. foundationally pursing bravery is about pursing love. i think we're all brave deep down because we love. it takes bravery to tell someone you love them for the first time and it takes bravery to choose to continuously walk out that love, come what may. often it takes bravery to tell the truth or to speak up for what you believe it to be. it takes bravery to make a new place your home. it takes bravery to read a poem or to play a song in front of others. and it takes bravery to first pour your heart into the lines and to then step back and to look at what you've created. because often, or i'd say usually we're our own worst critics. and perhaps often the biggest fears we hold and the greatest barriers to our own dreams are the ones we've imagined for ourselves when we saw the world at it's darkest & it's most cynical. and certainly there is darkness and hate and discouragement on this earth and there are barriers to pursuing what we love. but i also believe there is hope. i believe that love can conquer death and move mountains and that dreams are powerful. i believe that perfect love casts out fear. CS Lewis wrote, "courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at its testing point." Aristotle believed that courage was the greatest quality of the mind next to honor and that one would never do anything in the world without it. i think it takes courage and bravery to dream. however, it takes no bravery to tear apart the dreams of others. it takes no bravery to passively criticize our nation or our culture or the church or even the frailty of our own hearts. it takes bravery to tear down only when paired with the intent to pull yourself in the pursuit of rebuilding something more beautiful. it takes bravery when you risk looking like a fool, or failing, or being hurt for something or someone you love. but i believe that love is worth the risk...

perhaps the unknown is the most beautiful part of any journey & simultaneously, perhaps the unknown holds the greatest potential for fear. but, i believe that love makes the dark places bright & every journey in it's pursuit worth taking. 

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