November 10, 2009

11-1 through 11-8

November is here -- and so our first month of marriage was gone. Just like that! I can't believe how quickly it flew by. I also can't believe how awesome it was. (:

November 1
rod iron fence
not mine, but i wish it was!

November 2
More fall colors -- beautiful

November 3
Clancy came to visit while the Martins are out of town for a few days

November 4
On a walk around the block with Clancy

November 5
Another walk around the block
The Poinsett Club is one of mine & Mike's favorite places for a date!

November 6
Lazy Friday evening (:
(before a walk downtown for my first Sushi dinner & a photography studio Grand Opening!)

November 7
Trip to Gorges State Park
Off-Roading (: with Mike & Kayla

November 8
Paris Mountain, SC
While Mike washed all the mud from the off-roading trip off the car, I walked around & got some pictures of Paris Mt. in the fall!

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