November 29, 2009

11-20 through 11-28

Goodbye November!

Friday, November 20
Flowers in bloom at the lake house (where we spent part of the weekend with Matt & Amanda Tingle -- good times!)

Saturday, November 21
Down on the dock...I love it there (especially when the lake is full!)

November 22
Curtains, a new way of life for us (thanks to my awesome Honey (my grandmother))

November twenty third
Gene!!!! The NUT - WREATH IS DONE!!!!!!! I am so proud of it .. I think it will definitely stay up year round (maybe I'll just get different colored / patterned ribbons!) hah!

November 24
(another) Pumpkin Cheesecake -- and it made me make a mess!! (This was also the first time I used the "mean green mixing machine" from Mike's mom -- I will use for everything from now on!)

Wednesday, November 25
Thanksgiving Gathering at Mike Hawkins' House in Greenville
Tag: Mike & Brock

Thanksgiving Day, 2009
This is our first Christmas tree (a gift from Mike's grandmother!) -- we LOVE it .. Charley Brown as it may be - it's ours!

Friday, November 27
A little off roading -- good for new scratches on the car, dings in the paint, mud on the engine & a crushed bumper ... priceless!

Camped Friday - Saturday with John & Elizabeth up in Gorges National Park -- GREAT weekend!

Saturday (11-28)
Just before we went our separate ways ... until camping / off - roading comes around again. (Hopefully soon!)

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  1. Megan!! The wreath looks amazing. Ours look surprisingly...the same. Hahaha! I guess it's kind of one of those things. Nuts are nuts. Love your Christmas tree, too! :):) xx