December 8, 2009

In It To Win It

Oh man. Yesterday is definitely one for the books. I feel that I must keep track of it because it's already become something that Mike & I are laughing at. "Such is life" was most definitely the motto.

Here goes:

Sunday Mike cleaned his car over at OD & Cat's house. It was a little muddy from our latest off-roading adventure (although recent rains had smeared some of the mud around) -- and needed a little maintenance. The boys (being OD & Mike) drove the car up on the lifty-things and spent all day under the hood & cleaning. The car not only was sparkly clean when they finished but, it ran superbly! (: We made it all the way home with no trembling breaks and no "pulling" feeling (like the E-break was up). All is well, right?!

Monday morning Mike left for work as usual - in his newly polished Edmund & called about 15 minutes later asking if I could come pick him up. Being the new wife that I am, I was a bit concerned - although he didn't sound panicked at all (I'll admit, I thought he'd gotten in a wreck!) Anyway, he had pulled off into the first parking lot he came to because the "engine was coming out of the hood." So I leave the house & pick him up (on an empty tank of gas) -- we stop for gas & head on.

Moving on to after work - I head over to B2B to pick him up & we head to my parents house in Ft. Inn to help dad with the trailer that will be used to pick up Mike's car (still in the parking lot). Totally forgot about the Christmas parade being moved to last night because of the torrential downpour that occur ed last Wednesday! So we're truckin' through the traffic, minding our business when we GET HIT!!! Ugh! I pull the car over, put the flashers on & promptly jump out of the car to check for damage. Other than a few scratches we were okay. HOWEVER, the people that hit us PULLED AWAY. After checking their car, they saw us coming over to check on them and they jumped in and sped off!! Hahahah. Seriously!? Mike and I just laughed. The police car that rode in the parade happened to be coming down the street so we flagged them down & told them what happened So after that is all taken care of, we finally are back on the road to help out with the trailer.

Dinner proceeds without any hitches (which is a blessing in itself seeing how the rest of the day was going!) After dinner Mike, Cayden and dad head down to the shed at Honey's house to weld something onto the trailer. Mike was holding some kind of clamp for dad when a little BB sized pellet of volcanic molten lava hot metal shot over & stuck to his wedding band! (Which was also a blessing in disguise because I'm sure it would have melted straight through his finger.) So he hurriedly pulled off his wedding band to find a nice, large blister ): My poor Mikey. I didn't know about his finger until about 2 hours later because dad called to tell me to be sure to take care of it when Mike got home -- laughing all the while!

So here's to being In It To Win It with You Mike. (:

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