December 28, 2009


Welp, now that the Holiday season is over I WILL post more pictures! Mike & I have just come through our *first* married Christmas (and Birthday) season (: We had a blast and fortunately were not too worn down at the end of it all.

Both of our families are amazing, so it was pretty easy for us to split our time between them (and it helps that they are only 10 minutes apart!) We spent the day on Christmas eve with my family...going through the usual "Christmas Eve Routine" (one side for lunch, the other for dinner). On Christmas morning Mike & I woke up and opened gifts with just the two of us. How nice it was! -- even though our Christmas morning was just a simple time with the two of us, we decided we'd make it a tradition now so when we have a family we'll be able to spend that time together in the midst of all the running around. Then, we (and I mean Mike ... he's the waffle maker) made waffles and hung around until about noon when we headed over to spend the day at the Martin house! Gram and Grandmother were there, so we got to spend a little Christmas time with them too! Around 8:30PM or so, we headed over to the McCraw household to see what Santa left for us there and to open family gifts.

My birthday is the 26th...and Oh, how I love My Birthday. We woke up around 9:00 and trecked over to Dunkin' Donuts in our PJs for Birthday Breakfast! (: YUUUMMM! (I think Dunkin' will be a family birthday tradition!) Oh yea, I opened my birthday gifts from Mike first NIKE running shorts & some "Smart-weezy" socks! We lazed about looking over Christmas gifts and pictures until lunch time when we met both of our families and a few friends for lunch at Sam's in Ft. Inn. After lunch, most of the lunch crowd came to my parents house to shoot shot guns / pistols with us. We shot for most of the afternoon & when it got too cold I took it to the house for a warm shower. Mike, being the sweet husband that he is let me sleep a little while he, my dad & brother cleaned the monster of a pile of guns we'd used. We finished the celebration with family dinner (both sides) at Honey's house. She cooked my favorites: meat loaf, Lima beans, fried okra, apple salad & pound cake with lemon icing!

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