October 19, 2010

the end has come...

well, i don't actually have the pictures uploaded yet - but, they will be the last of the 365 album (: i absolutely cannot believe that a year has already passed...and that i have a picture for every day of our first year being married. my goal is to print them all and find a perfect sized photo box to hold them. i'll have to be sure to write on the back what everything is though, because i'm sure when i'm old and senile it'll be fun to look back over them (and fun to remember what / where every picture is from) and hopefully the future kiddos will enjoy them too!

oh yea, just bc the 365 album is over doesn't mean i'll stop posting pictures. we just got back from Costa Rica on Sunday from our anniversary trip & i have a ton of great pictures to share! (:


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  2. Ahh a photo box with pictures of each day from the first year is just so cute and I am totally storing that idea away :) Hooray for your first year!