October 22, 2010

my favorite fall picture


For Kelli's blog, "For This Child I Prayed" ~ my favorite fall picture:

This is a picture on our one year anniversary (: (Oct. 3) - The credit MUST go to Jana Candler - the photographer, and our friend. 

Let me just say, I LOVE my wedding dress. Like really, really LOVE it. After our wedding (and having it cleaned) I decided that I'd like to wear it again...and that I'd like for Mike to wear his wedding garb again too. So, I got in touch with Jana about taking some anniversary pictures for us. We have great pictures from our wedding, but none really of the two of us doing anything "fun" (non-wedding-y). Jana agreed and did some amazing work for us! I cannot wait to get some printed (especially) for us - and they're for sure going to make some great Christmas gifts for our family! 


  1. I can't see your picture! Sad. :(

  2. sad!! it worked at home, but i'm at work & can't see it either ):