May 22, 2011

Getting back after it

"Its fun living like a bum, standing outside a grocery store counting your possessions." Brock says as we reassemble our food bags at our first resupply point- Waynesboro, VA. Pardon me, he doesn't go by Brock anymore...he's now Loop. Why Loop?! Because he refused to take H&R Brock, but couldn't escape the accounting reference once everyone out here knew he was a tax man. Loop is short for Loophole, bc accountants never cheat on taxes ... they find loopholes. So far, Loop is hanging tough, keeping pace, and eats much better than Sock Brock. However, we learned tonight over a greasy burger at Weasie's Kitchen that even real Brock is a bit of a food snob who is war too high class to eat at a greasy diner "more than once a year." As I wright this, Loop is frantically plucking every spot of dirt / mud off of his legs with tweezers--his first tick finding (during dinner) has left him a bit rattled. These things are certainly no joke though - can't be too careful.

Our first 3.5 days back on the trail the moral is high due to fresh legs & the addition of a good friend to our ranks. Our break put us way behind most of the trail friends we've met so far, but we're already meeting new & interesting (and very generous) friends. For instance, Pace & Porter who we met at the Priest shelter on Wednesday night. They refused to take "no" for an answer when offering us the first cup of wine, candy, fresh fruit, &the 2nd cup of wine. We literally had to hide our cup so they wouldn't keep filling it. Apparently these guys like carrying 15 extra lbs of food & giving it away. Seriously though, their generosity was humbling. Quick note on the Priest shelter: it was entertaining to read the shelter log with peoples' "confessions" like, "Father forgive me for I have sinned, I bathed in a water source, camped in an area not designated for camping, and stepped on a centipede." Pretty creative.

Hey to our friends & family back home! Hey to our friends & family in Virginia! And howdy to the Jack Porter folks (: We miss you guys!

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