June 23, 2011

Goin' to Carolina in my mind...[and in real life!]

Out here on the trail the boys have referred to me as their general. When we passed through the Civil War battlefields in Maryland, we almost gawked over the fact that two generals had been killed in the same battle, on the same day. Today generals in the army (for the most part) run the show from behind the scenes--not the front line of battle any more. This is my official resignation from the battlefield. I am leaving the boys to man the field while I run the show from home. I've walked 1400 miles - from Georgia to New York, and folks, "the show is over, say goodbye..." (Madona anybody?!) To be honest I've been conflicted over this for a while. When we went home in May for Mel's graduation & the cruise I begged Mike not to make me come back to the trail. I didn't care what people would say or think, I just wanted to stay home. But...for whatever reason, I did come back. Over the past 4+ weeks I've hiked hard, seen a lot of beautiful country, & made up my mind. Both mine & Mike's hearts are saddened when we think about me not crossing the finish line with the Monkey Tribe, but we are both a peace with me going home. I can't explain to you what's changed about the adventure...over the past 10ish days of hiking I've racked my brain to come up with an explanation and I just can't. I've very much enjoyed the towns we've seen and the people we've met, but honestly my heart just isn't here (corny as that sounds). It's really hard to make your body keep moving somewhere where it doesn't want to be. So, I'll man the Monkey Tribe from home...keeping up the blog, making sure mail drops get sent on time, and making sure the boys keep moving north! They have much to look forward to, with the Cookes visiting over the next 2 weeks, pushing into the last 5 states, and hopefully a visit from me a little farther up! Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support and prayers! God's provision for and over us has been so encouraging! (: See ya in the Palmetto State folks!

If you'd like to send a package to the boys (or encouraging notes, they love these too) the next spot is Tyringham, MA. Please get it in the mail by Friday of this week with an expected ETA of Mon. June 27!
**also, if you sent a package to Kent, CT please let me know so I can let the boys know to look for it!

Stay tuned for pictures from our time in NY with the Josh's family (:

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina, I can feel the sunshine, I can just taste the moonshine...

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  1. Hey,
    Congrats on making it that far! That's nothing to sneeze at. Speaking of which... tell Brock my nose says, "Howdy!".


    P.S. Why do I have a feeling you're gonna be posting about fireworks in Boston next week? I've got a feeling you're messing with someone (Granny).