June 29, 2011

What Caboose is up to

Howdy friends!! First off -- here's the next mail drop for the boys: [I've had to re-do them, so stay tuned if you want to send something---please let me know if you do! They'd greatly appreciate treats!] 

Next Mail Drop for the boys [let me know if you send something!]:
*Please get it in the mail by TOMORROW [Thurs. June 30 -- with July 4, who knows how long it'll take the PO!] 

Michael Martin or Brock Cooke
General Delivery
Manchester Center, VT 05255
*Please hold for thru-hiker
ETA: Tuesday, July 5

Many of you are wondering, "what is Caboose doing, now that she's home?!" Well...I'm hangin' out enjoying summer! I've had great time already with friends and family -- lunches & dinners, coffee dates, on-the-calendar craft nights, etc. I am still enjoying being home and happy with the progress the boys are making. Last night, after a 31.9 mile day [their biggest yet!], they stopped at mile 1517.9. That means only 661.2 until Katahdin! They are officially in Massachusetts & will be pushing into Vermont at the end of the week. That means only THREE states to go! With about 6 weeks left, they're on schedule to finish around the first week in August! 

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