August 18, 2011

Meatless & Sweetless

Mike & I decided since we're both home .. and we're not beating our bodies with absurd amounts of exercise right now that we'd better take the opportunity to start eating healthy again. Trust me, the trail wasn't concerned with eating health - as many calories & fat grams as you want. This week started our "meatless & sweetless" trial. It's worked so well that I think we're going to try to make it last for a month! (: [I will say we are making exceptions to the rule of course, but for the most part I've been surprised with how easy it's been.]

We're in Charleston for the week, house & puppy sitting for Mere & DP so they could spend some time with DP's family on vacation - which has made it easy & hard for us at the same time to keep this up. Obviously Charleston is a mecca for good excellent food, so it's been hard not to whip the car over at the first restaurant on the way in from laying on the beach all day. However, neither of us not having worked for the past 6ish months makes it a lot easier! We took a trip to "the Teeter" when we first got here & stocked up on lots and lots of veggies, fruits, and something new: Bulgar wheat. Megan [Battlecat] from the trail recommended this - and man, we loved it! It was super easy to prepare & surprisingly, has a wonderful taste all by itself! [and, it's really cheap!] *The recipe we used was on the back of the box - hey, you've gotta start somewhere! We've also had homemade pimento cheese & guacamole out on the beach! Yum, Yum, Yum!

To go along with our healthy eating we're going to be running the Spinx Run Fest half & full marathon come October 29 [something we'd decided to do while we were on the trail]. I swore I'd not run another half after my Achilles injury from the last one...but here I am. Training starts now (:

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