August 28, 2011

12 Tyler Street

12 Tyler Street

That's going to be our new address! One that is our very own. Our first house that is O.U.R.S (: Since we've been home and had some time to think about life and where ours are headed [I know you're wondering what's up our sleeves next..] we've come into a unique situation and are going to be first time home owners pretty soon! (: We're excited about having walls to paint whatever color we want, cabinets to pick out, appliances to look for deals on, and did I mention...a whole heckofalot of work to do between now and then.

A little back story on the house & how it's coming to be ours: Mimi and her brother and sister grew up in this house. It has been empty for a number of years which caused a good deal of damage, mostly from water leaking in from holes in the roof. Mike's rents did a lot of work before we got home and since we've been home, the four of us have spent a whole lot of time renovating as much on the house as we can ourselves. This past Saturday we had a work day where several of our friends came and helped out - doing anything and everything we asked of them. Our front porch steps are in awesome condition, 4 rooms have been primed, the bathroom has been demoed, and the back porch has new sub-floor! We're making excellent progress! 

We can't wait to have all of our buddies with in driving distance again, and our downtown group will be back together - dinners, fro-yo & coffee dates, overall fellowship reinstated. Yes please. Greenville is home to us. Our hopes are that this first official home of ours will be a place that glorifies our Lord. We want to honor and serve him Him in this house that is becoming our home [Joshua 24:15]. 

12 Tyler Street

the stairs have been scraped and cleaned
wrought iron on stairs is gone
roof has been replaced

Most of the work so far has been done on the inside. We've picked out windows and Hardie board for the outside - so as soon as it comes in, we'll be super busy getting it installed. (: I'll give you "before & after" pictures as we're getting work done, so stay tuned! 


  1. Oh my goodness! How exciting! It is so cute and I can't wait to see what y'all do with everything...I know you have some great ideas! Congratulations!!