September 3, 2011

one step forward. two giant leaps back.

Whew. That's how we're feeling on everything with 12 Tyler Street. You remember? Our new home. Several things have happened in the past few days. On a positive note, the plumber and electricians have been out this week. I know it's like getting a wish from a genie in a bottle having them both out at once getting work done. They  have both completed their "rough installments" which means that next week we could possibly have all of the plumbing and electrical work finished up! YIPPEE! (: Also, Mike and I got the bathroom ceiling installed! I'm proud. I told him once we'd finished that it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and that I was ready to move in. Am I jumping the gun?! [once you see pictures you'll absolutely laugh at my saying I want to move in right now] My dad [our "do it all yourself himself handyman"] has helped us let us help him put in the bathroom walls. We're all but done with that project [well, with the sub-walls anyway. We can't tile the walls until we get windows which is another step backwards. More on that later.] We've also come up with a kitchen design, picked out cabinets, gotten the ceiling for the kitchen installed [Thanks Mimi & Papa], and picked out tile for the bathroom and floors in the "little room" and back porch. We are making progress.

On the other hand, we've also had some major set backs. The electricians have created a TON of patch work for us. This wouldn't be a problem if our walls weren't plaster...but they are. Bummer.  And, we're going to have to replace walls in the "little room." Oh well, better now than a few years from now. We also had to take out every wall in the kitchen. Remember how I said there was water damage? Well, it leaked down from the kitchen ceiling into the walls which caused everything to be soft and stinky. YUCK. Good thing I have a little brother and his friends who like to demo things. (:

Here are some of the before pictures. Don't be scared away...I'll be updating with "in the middle" pictures here shortly!


Before Kitchen

Before Kitchen

Master Bedroom 

Before Master Bedroom


Before Bathroom

Living Room

Before Living Room

"Little Room"

Before "Little Room"

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