September 9, 2011

wedding week

Well folks, for those of you faithfully reading along as Mike and I enter into home-ownership, I know you're wondering what we've gotten done lately. The truth is...not much. This week has been odd to say the least. The electricians [bless them] worked on Monday - Labor Day, to finish up their work. The inspector came & didn't pass their work. Let me just say that we've really enjoyed having them around. Quite honestly, we've missed them sauntering in and out of rooms "singing" along with the radio. Anyway, after their inspection wasn't passed, they came back to fix their errors [they typically work in Anderson county which apparently has different codes from Greenville county. Go figure.] and called the inspector, who is coming back today around lunch time to re-check their work. Fingers crossed! Because of the setback with the inspector we haven't been able to get the kitchen walls installed as we'd planned. This was a huge bummer and put a damper on instead of having a kitchen that's ready for floors, appliances and cabinets, it looks the same as it has for a while. Another task to keep on the ever growing list for next week. Oh well, ce la vie (: True to form though, while we were halted in the kitchen we were able to finish some other things on our list. Mimi & Gram primed the hallway--which made all the difference in the world!! The wallpaper that had been previously scraped off left a nice coat of seafoam [??} green chipped paint exposed, so we took care of that! (: We also go the ceiling in the kitchen mudded and sanded - ready for primer, doors scraped, and the house cleaned up & ready for another work week. Whew. I'm tired just from talking about it.

ANNDDDD we stopped work on the house on Wednesday this week so we could help my parents get their house ready for my sister's wedding! (: She's getting married TOMORROW, so we've been scurring around trying to make everything perfect. Both the ceremony and recption are going to be at my parents house [like our reception was] so it's been really fun / neat to be doing for her what we were doing for our wedding almost TWO years ago! We've been celebrating for about a week, with the bridal brunch last weekend & we're super excited for the wedding celebration to get underway tonight with the rehearsal and dinner...let the good times roll! And Happy Wedding Weekend Haley & Kendall!

Food @ Haley's bachelorette / lingerie party
food at Haley's bachelorette / lingerie shower

The Bachelorette!
the bachelorette!

me & Haley @ her shower
Haley Boo & Me at her shower

Heidi, Haley, Ashton, Me & Amber
Heidi, Haley, Ashton, Me & Amber 

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  1. Love it! Hope to see some pictures from her big day today! :)