September 24, 2011

WOW. These past two weeks have been BUSY. Busier than we've been in months. But, it's good. Life is good (: Hang on goes how our life of laziness purposed relaxation quickly dissolved. One of the biggest things goin' on -- I started a new job 2 weeks ago as a paralegal. It's awesome! I'm still learning a lot [a whole lot actually] but I am really excited about it. I also started an 8 week women's Bible study through Grace called Ezer. It's a fairly new study that Grace is offering,"to help develop a common language surrounding the core callings and temptations of women and what it means to be a feminine image bearer." My group decided that we are the Ezer Warrior Queens. I am excited about growing with these lovely ladies over the next few weeks. Mike also joined a Bible study with his dad that will last 8 weeks as it was perfect, even though they're on different nights of the week. Lastly, we've joined a small group through Grace and lemme just say, God is GOOD! These people are such a blessing and we love meeting with them every week.

And, with all of this going on, we're still making progress on the house. Thankfully Mike still has a few weeks until he starts back to work so he's been slaving at the house all day every day workin' hard to get it ready! (: People, it's lookin' gooood! Windows, Hardie board, and cabinets have been ordered. Whew. Those were the biggest things hanging over our heads & we knocked them off the list in 2 days. Now we're just waiting for them to come in so we can get rid of the old windows, aluminum siding and hopefully have somewhere to store all of our kitchen goodies and new appliances! Check out the progress...ooohhh & ahhh if you like (:

Last bit of demo!
The boys cuttin' the last bit of plaster out 

Vacuuming the dust! 

My, Whitney, & Kayla's job 

whooohooooo!!! ceiling!!

painting moulding! (:
priming the moulding 

oh wait, what's that?! almost a complete wall!
Mike finishing the walls in the den. This means we can start priming! Whooohoo!! 


trim (: and walls patched
This is the front bedroom - we had to patch several holes from when the electricians worked. The trim has also been painted with trim paint (: --- once the moulding goes up, it'll be ready for paint. Hallelujah! 

herring-bone floor in the "nook"
This is the nook -- Dad, you're the BOMB. Look at that herring-bone floor he laid for us! 

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  1. Lookin good girly!! And congrats on the job, that's always a plus! :) Excited to see the final results on your house, it's coming a long quite great...I must say :)