September 11, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Kendall Dye

The Marriage Ceremony of 
Haley McCraw & Kendall Dye
September 10, 2011 
5 PM 

I can't believe my little sister is married. It seems like only yesterday we were fighting over American Girl dolls or who was pitching in the softball game. Over time though something happened [my parents warned us that it would] and we evolved from "enemies" to best friends. She's the crazy, loud, say what you're thinkin' one & I'm the calm, collected, organized one. But she's stuck with me. We've been through a lot together and everyday I am thankful for my Haley Boo. I am so excited for her and Kendall as they are starting off their marriage and my prayer is that their marriage will reflect Christ to those around them. 

Enjoy their big day (: We sure did!

favors at the bridal brunch
favors at the Bridal luncheon 

bridal luncheon
eating the delicious food 

me & the BRIDE
me & haley boo! 

haley with her bridesmaids 

me and the best
me and my best at haley's rehearsal dinner

me and mikey
me and my mikey after dinner 

wedding hair
got my hair did 

haley boo gettin' her hair did
gettin' her hair did 

we got our hair done!
after we got our hair done! 

signs that i made
one of the signs i made for the neighborhood! 

thanks Buttercream Bakehouse (:
the DELICIOUS cake
*Thanks Buttercream Bakehouse*

me & haley boo
me and Haley waitin' to get the show on the road!

the beautiful bride
Here's to You & Kendall (:

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