November 6, 2012

mc mc's on etsy

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Some of you know that I am officially a stay at home mom wife (I'll get the title change once this little one decides to make an appearance). (: This is something that Mike & I talked a lot about before we got pregnant with this little one, something that we prayed about and something that we're both pretty stinkin' excited about! Since I've had some "down" time from leaving work (really I've been running around like a trying to get stuff done) and Baby M's arrival and since I LOVE crafting and anything antiques and trinket-y I've decided to open an Etsy shop! Really it's given me something to do while waiting on Baby M and it's given me a chance to be crafty in my "down" time. Check it out if you have time: -- I'd love any feedback (like what you see?! want to see something else?!)!


DSC02995 DSC02991

Vintage chalkboard window (from our house)
Handmade banners - great for any occasion & can be as custom as you'd like!
Cheese grater earring holder (can be painted any color). 

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