September 25, 2013

month ten

month ten
Sweet child, this is the best I could do for your 10 month picture. You were not having anything to do with lying on the green mat this time, much less anything to do with lying there still! Boy, you never stop moving and I wouldn't trade that for the world. 

This month your 4th tooth popped through (top right | July 17). Your whole look has changed now that you have 4 teeth in that sweet little mouth. You look like such the big boy! 

We (you and me) spent Aug. 11 - 15 with Honey because Daddy was out of town with work. While there we started playing, "Where's Amos?!" where we'd put a blanket or book in front of your face, then pull it away quickly while asking, "Where's Amos?!". You got the hang of this pretty quickly and now any time we ask "Where's Amos?!" you put whatever is in your hands up to your face and pull it away quickly! 

You've learned to pull up and still army crawl everywhere. Now that you can stand, you prefer this over sitting, which makes my day very interesting. Mama is ready for those sweet chubby legs to start walking on their own. (: People say that this will rock my world. I say, bring it. 

We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach with M (my mama). We knew you loved the beach because you were just there last month -- but a lot changed over a month! You LOVED to crawl in the sand (and only ate a few handfuls), lay in surf, and even began dunking your own head in the pool! We've known that you were a water-bug all along & I'll bet that you're swimming solo next summer! 

You started trying to articulate things this month (hooray!). While at Mimi & Papa's house (Sept. 2) you said "gk" and we started to understand that you were saying "dog." Once we caught on and said "dog" a few hundred times you in turn started saying "og-ah." Now whenever we ask you to say "dog" we consistently get "gk" or "og-ah." 

And, your newest trick this month is waving! It's seriously the cutest thing ever. While spending the night with Kayla Jean while our boys were playing, you started waving across the room to her (instead of going to sleep). One of my favorite things is for you to catch your reflection in something (most of the time the mirror in your room) and for you to wave to yourself. 

You're such a big boy now Amos. Your little very big personality is really starting to shine. You are opinionated (no clue who you get that from...), sweet, curious, smart, tough, and constantly make us smile. We praise Jesus and thank Him every day for letting us be your parents. Keep growing big and strong my little one. 



  1. oh my goodness, he is the sweetest—and growing so big! can't wait to love on him at christmas!

  2. He absolutely melts my heart! And about catching his reflection in the father, like son. ;o)