June 17, 2014

Bahamas, Part 1 | "air-panes" and beach bums

Mikey, Amos & I traveled to Nassau to visit the Boutons while they were on vacation... nothing like friends crashing your vacation! We spent lots of time catching up on |much needed| sleep, eating too much pizza food, workin' on our tans and just really enjoyed being out of the country with these sweet friends! 

IMG_1490 IMG_1500-001 IMG_1509-001 IMG_1530 IMG_1536-001 IMG_1540-001 IMG_1543-001 IMG_1552-001 IMG_1572-001

Amos running thru the ATL airport to see the "air-panes!"
he'll kill me for that one day, I'm sure 
be still my heart
Mikey & William
"rock the board" {& get Mikey off!)
my sweet, sweet blonde boy 
Belle & Amos -- BFFs
sea urchin found while snorkeling
Belle showing off her coloring skills 

More to come... 

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