December 3, 2014

Highlands, NC

After Thanksgiving the Martin / Johnsen crew loaded up and headed to Highlands, NC for a long weekend of relaxing, eating good food, watching the Clemson V Carolina game, shopping and catching up. Mimi & Papa, this is always one of our favorite trips...thank you so much for this weekend!

IMG_4857 IMG_4860 IMG_4880 IMG_4883 IMG_4893 IMG_4894 IMG_4897 IMG_4935

mikey & mimi 
me & my two little turkeys 
sleepy moose
sleepy daddy-o & solly sol (he doesn't sleep in the bed with us..he just took my place after I woke up!)
coffee for days...
amos and his "very best friend" drinking OJ from a spoon
vintage ornaments adorned the tree at the Highlands Inn 

1 comment:

  1. that pancake photo is perfect!

    and i still cannot get over solomon's serious expressions. you have two cute boys on your hands!