January 20, 2015



i found this fun list on natalie's blog this morning & thought i'd follow along!


reading: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (my something to read from last year) 

playing: the sound machine (rain & ocean waves)  

watching: downton abbey & fixer upper 

trying: to potty train my two year old (trying

cooking: all the whole30 foods & i am running out of ideas. friends, share with me your favorite whole30 food ideas! (this was Natalie's answer...and I'll 2nd that!!) 

eating: apples & peanut butter. all day, er'day! 

drinking: coffee 


calling: Haley (little sistermine) - we usually talk every day 

texting: kayla jean & mikey 

pinning: diy projects, house decorating tips / ideas, etsy ideas...

tweeting: i don't do twitter..


crafting: fabric garlands & wreaths for Rust & Stardust(!!!) 

doing: making lists / writing down recipes 

going: to take a nap (both boys are asleep right now) 

loving: 70+ degree weather - if you need us, we'll be outside! 

hating: the face that it's january 20 and i have journaled so little this year 

discovering: that "you can do anything, but you can't do everything." - david allen. a m e n 

enjoying: running (again) 

hoping (for): this warm weather to hang around 

celebrating: small victories in potty training 


smelling: anthropologie | capri blue (a Christmas gift) 

thanking: Mikey for the opportunity to stay home with our boys 

considering: new projects for the etsy shop ... and taking suggestions (: 

finishing: a can of diet dr. pepper 

starting: to reconcile receipts with cash from our cash envelopes (thanks Dave Ramsey) and to go through today's mail 

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