January 27, 2015

month four | solomon


"Solly Solly Mack" (what Amos calls you), you are FOUR months old! Little one, you are truly such a joy. You give the biggest ear to ear grins all the time, you have the sweetest laugh and you perk up at the sound of my voice (make my mama heart swoon, will ya!?). You also squeal when I come to get you first thing in the morning (maybe, just maybe, you'll love the mornings)...I hope you'll always love to see me! We've been practicing saying, "mama" - and I think you'll have it down in no time. Just kidding...but we'll keep practicing anyway. I'll admit it - I'm a creeper when you sleep. I feel like Amos has already changed so much so quickly so I'm trying to soak it in with both of you. I love your little cow lick that sits smack dab in the middle of your forehead hairline. As your hair grows longer (and it's growing quickly) your cow lick is more pronounced. I can't decide what color your hair is going to be - currently it's a light brown, but your eyebrows are really light (like Amos')..maybe I'll have two toe-heads?! You have the sweetest elf ears that I've ever seen. Honey noticed that you always "wear" a scratch on your face...we're already working on makin' ya tough (again, kidding--I'm just slack about cutting your finger nails). You have no teeth yet & no sign of any. You like to talk (maybe you just want to be heard over your brother?!) and nap on mama's bed. Also--you're wearing SIX month sized outfits (you were 97% for length & 34% for weight @ your 4 month appt -- a pound lighter and an inch longer than Amos at his 4 month appointment!). Solly Solly Mack, keep growing big and strong!


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