March 5, 2015

a [birthday] letter to my mikey

[one of my new very favorite pictures of us - ever.]

Dear, sweet Mikey of mine. In honor of your upcoming birthday and weekend of birthday festivities, I just wanted to tell you that I love you. You are so very special to me and I am reminded daily just how fortunate I am to call you mine-all-mine. Can you believe this will be our 11th year celebrating your birthday together?! (#weareold) Mister, I love being on this adventure with you. You're my favorite travel buddy, my biggest fan, my not-so-consistent workout partner (unless it comes to running), my baby daddy, my opposite in every way, my take on the world very best friend. Thank you for taking on the world with me - for not being afraid to trust what the Lord has for us, even when it's not always clear or easy to see. Thank you for always praying for our family and for leading us. Thank you for being brave in parenting these two little hood rats ones with me. Thank you for loving me, for pursing me, for still be interested in me as Mc, not just the mama of your boys. You and me...we've got a good thing going and there ain't nobody in this world I'd rather be doing this with. I hope that over the next few days you feel especially loved and celebrated and that over the next year you are challenged and stretched, that you grow, that you are content and happy, that you are blessed beyond measure and that you know how treasured you are (and not just by us, but especially by us). 

Happy [early] birthday, big one! C'mon Saturday so we can bust outta here!!!! 

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  1. Sweet thoughts! Thank you, Megan, for loving our boy so well. We are so proud of you all and love you dearly. And we add our birthday wishes for Michael...for the year ahead to be filled with good health, fast construction, great tools, fun clothes and growing relationships. We love you all bunches! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.