June 9, 2015

eight months | solomon

DUDE! Eight months already! (Yes, I know this post is way late and a little different from the rest - but we moved, so I'm just glad I got an 8 month pic!) You, my littlest bud are one content boy and you're proving to be quite flexible with our situation (moving around). You're seriously happy all the time. I think you're on a "crawl / walk" protest. You'll move one day and I'm sure when you do I won't be able to keep up. You love to dance, just like Amos - we'll give you the cue ("Go Solly, Go Solly, GO!") and your little arms and legs start moving! Amos thinks this is particularly funny. You are the best eater -- you love people food (solids?) even though you have no teeth. You especially love pizza (daddy's boy) and waffles...let's be real, you just like food. One of my favorite things is to ask you where someone is (mostly Amos or Daddy) because you'll look awfully hard for them. You love to be near Amos (constantly), on my hip, to snuggle your lovie, to play with daddy, bath time and swimming in the pool!

 Little bud, you're so fun and such a delight! 

IMG_7666 IMG_7676

[Amos at 8 months...in the same outfit too (: ]

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  1. i love how you link to amos' posts—it's so fun to see the similarities and contrasts between these sweet brothers! i am so excited to continue to watch how their relationship develops over the years.