September 22, 2015

celebrate | birthday breakfast

Birthday donuts for Solomon's FIRST birthday! 


|*this is my life: a 2 year old saying "totian" (one of his made up words) / being unimpressed with having his picture taken, a 1 year old not happy about being "held down" and me - no make up, 6 day unwashed hair & apparently looking like I need more sleep) 




I love this tradition & I loved celebrating our Solomon Mack on his very FIRST birthday with donuts! More birthday festivities & celebrations coming right up! 

1 comment:

  1. love, love, love your birthday donut tradition. also, mosie's made up words. also, mosie's hair! and i can't believe solly is one. he is looking more and more like his mama!

    can't wait to cuddle them both!