September 1, 2015

month eleven | solomon

month 11


Solomon Mack! Happy eleven months, little dude! You are such a joy and seriously, so fun. Like Amos, you are strong willed and definitely do what it takes to be heard (insert - loudest, shrillest scream ever). You're curious and like to be in the middle of what Amos is doing, always. Soon you'll be big enough fight back rough house and do everything that he's doing.

You still zero teeth. But, that hasn't slowed you down one bit. You're a fabulous eater...but you hate cow / almond milk. Not sure what we're going to do about that.

You're going to be walking so soon. You cruise around everything, (still) like to walk holding our hands, and are actually super happy just scooting around how you do. You also like to stand by yourself and will raise your hands and look around for someone to acknowledge what you're doing.

You are a kid of few words - you will say, "na na na" (no no no), "bye bye" (most of the time after someone has left), "uh oh" .... and that's it. I can't wait to know what's on our little mind! You give GREAT kisses - especially to mama!

Buddy, the birthday count down is ON! We're planning and scheming on how to make your day so special. Until then, I'll snuggle you a little longer, take all the extra kisses you'll give and keep soakin' up the last days of your first year! All my love, always, Solly Mack!


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