October 2, 2015

month twelve | solomon

September 19, 2015 










Solomon, sweet bud!! At ONE you are so fun! You love being around Amos (even though he's sometimes a bully), you walk everywhere and love to play with whatever toys are strewn about the room. You really are a happy little guy. You're a bit of a mama's boy and you give me the biggest kisses and smiles. BUT, you absolutely light up when daddy gets home from work and LOVE when he plays with you (like he plays with Amos). You run towards him instead of away from him and want to be in on all the action. 

You're slowly picking up words. You'll say "DU!!" (duck), ball, ba-ba (papa), bop (pop), mama, dada, and MO (sometimes). I know you're paying attention and just being stubborn (that's the McCraw coming out). I feel like you'll just up and start talking one day. You're a great eater (such a change from your big brother). You've got the brightest blue eyes and a smile that covers your entire face. Swoon. 

You've almost gotten the "sleep thing" down. You only wake up every now & then and need your paci. Other than that you sleep pretty well. You have the shrillest scream of any child...ever. When you scream (for whatever reason), it gets Amos going and the two of you go back and forth until someone gets a spanking. Usually both of you. 

At your ONE year appointment you weighed a little over 20# and are in the 89% for height (what what?!). 

Little boy, you're a joy. We are so blessed to be your mama & daddy (and big brother) and love what you bring to our family. We have loved watching you grow and are excited about what the next year holds! Keep growing big and strong, Solly Mack! 

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  1. i've never met such a peaceful, old soul as solomon—the way he sat so quietly and looked so intently at my face last week was something else. i love his sweet spirit!