November 17, 2015

birthday eve | amos







On Amos' last day being two I asked if I could take some pictures of him (and he oddly happily obliged). These may be some of my favorite pictures of him, ever. 

I loved watching him run with no abandon, chasing the dogs, yelling at them to "COME!" ... his little spirit is so free. I truly hope that I can remember how he ran back and forth to me with arms swinging furiously until he declared that he was tired for all the days of my life. I want to remember that fake "cheese" smile, and then his real smile (that came when I asked him to say, "Papa, I love you."), the way he looked at me and kissed my cheek when I asked him to. 

Mooska, what a sweet & precious soul you are! 

*While editing these he was sitting in my lap...when he saw the last one of the two of us he exclaimed, "I LOVE that one!". Thank you sweet boy for loving me--no make up, shaggy mane hair and all. 

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