December 29, 2015

celebrate | my 29th birthday

Birthday Maximization 










Y'all. My people spoiled me on my 29th (eeeeeek) birthday! Mikey planned a full day, starting with breakfast at CFA & a sunrise trip to Pretty Place (where we went on the 1st birthday of mine that we spent 2004). We missed the sunrise, but Pretty Place was simply stunning. The boys loved the big steps, the rain puddles and checking out the mountains. I loved just being with them. 

Next up we swung by Mast General in Hendersonville...more of a pit stop, really, before heading on to The Fresh Market for 2nd breakfast on our way to the Tobacco Barn in Asheville for hours of hunting and picking. Surprisingly, the boys did really well while I perused endless amounts of the good stuff. We came home with a kitchen sink, fireplace dogs & a basket that I plan on turning into a light fixture for the upstairs bathroom. 

On our way back to Greenville we stopped at the Flat Rock Bakery for lunch. We lunched outside and enjoyed the 75ish degree weather (best birthday weather ever) before hopping back in the car. Once back in Greenville, Mimi & Papa met us to scoop up the boys for the rest of the afternoon. Mikey informed me that their part of "birthday maximization" was over. He'd scheduled a couples massage for us at Urban Nirvana (thanks Mom for the gift card!) which was wonderful! (Can it be my birthday every day?!) We finished our massages & headed (unbeknownst to me) to Simpsonville for an early dinner with some of our family at El Tejano. Annnnndddd, we finished off the day with a movie (along with most of Simpsonville)! 

Seriously, Mikey's going to have his work cut out for him next year! I loved every minute of "birthday maximization" and am so thankful for a day with my people doing things that I love. Here's to my last year of my twenties & all that it's already promising to bring! 

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