December 28, 2015

merry, merry!







We stuck to Something to Wear, Something to Read, Something you Want, & Something you Need for gifts + our $100 budget (+ a $25 stocking allowance). I particularly enjoyed shopping for Mikey and the boys this year. Both boys personalities have developed so much over the past year so it was fun to shop for treats for them & to watch them open the gifts we'd carefully chosen.

Mikey received one of my all time favorite gifts that I've given to him in our 12 (TWELVE) Christmas' together...a handcrafted frame that my dad made from the banister that came from our new house with a picture of the house that Mike drew 10 years ago for Wayne. I cannot wait to find the most perfect place for that framed picture to hang.

Amos wanted ONE thing for Christmas: a nerf gun. We debated not getting the nerf gun because let's be real...he just got a ton of them for his birthday. BUT, in the end we decided it was the one thing he wanted. Boy, oh boy, was his reaction worth it! He literally trembled with excitement as he opened it! Don't mind us when you see us out and about and he's toting 2-3 (nerf) guns with him. We have to take them everywhere "for protection." He also got a red watch that he was pretty excited about!

My second favorite gift to give this year was Solomon's sleepy dog blanket (that picture above tho...). He has a small sleepy dog that is pretty ratted out, so when I found the blanket I thought it was perfect! He doesn't love it (yet) like the small one, but he's pretty darn sweet carrying them both around.

Mikey gave me some twinkle lights for our new house (I've wanted some since I visited Alexa several years ago) and a nice new purse for carrying my camera & computer (+ all of my kids stuff..)!

Seriously, I love doing the 4 gifts + stocking stuffers (with a budget). It takes a lot of planning, especially adding kids to the mix, but that's part of the fun!

Merry, merry Christmas from the #martinfamilyoffive! xoxo

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