January 18, 2016




reading: All the Light We Cannot See (Mike's something to read from last year) 

playing: footsie 

watching: Downtown Abbey, Parenthood & The Biggest Loser (when I can) 

trying: not to buy all the cute house things for our unfinished house 

cooking: not much. living with honey has stunted my cooking 

eating: apples & peanut butter & Larabars 

drinking: water with lime 

calling: Patagonia & Abercrombie re: refunds for Christmas purchases (no fun!) 

texting: haley 

pinning: [farm] house things for the white house & travel ideas for our girls trip this fall 

tweeting: i don't do twitter..


crafting: hand painted / hand lettered ornaments & necklaces 

doing: reconciling receipts from last week 

going: to the gym as often as i can before BM3 

loving: feeling BM3 move around all.the.time (what a wiggle worm!) 

hating: this cold weather (don't judge me you if you live somewhere where it's colder than here)

discovering: that it's 12:30AM and i need to go to bed 

enjoying: this season with a 3+ year old & 1+ year old 

hoping (for): our white house to be ready before BM3 arrives 

celebrating: amos being almost fully potty trained! (just need to get rid of diapers at night!!!) 


smelling: a fresh pot of coffee 

thanking: mikey for TWO trips to the Tobacco Barn in the past few weeks 

considering: what life will be like with 3 littles 3 & under 

finishing: a |gifted| tube of this chapstick 

starting: working on yearly photo albums (whew) 


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