January 14, 2016

Amos' favorite things | (almost) three and a quarter


Favorites at (almost) 3.25:
Color: red, orange & pink 
Thing to do: nerf guns
Very best friend: Papa 
Place to go: Gravitopia
Food: cheeseburgers
Drink: chocolate (almond) milk
Show: Umizoomi & (American) Ninja Warrior 
Thing in the entire world: nerf guns

What else do you love?: "balls...basket balls..aaannnnnndddd guns" 

My sweet Amos! You're one funny, adventurous, loving, happy, nerf gun loving little dude. You're a great big brother to Solomon & I can't wait to see you with Baby Martin 3. You're growing and growing and tell me all the time that you're going to be bigger than Daddy (just promise me it won't be too soon). You love studying things and being read to (I think Daddy finished 3 or 4 Narnia books with you last year). You're also bossy and want things to be done your way (sorry...being first born I know how it is...mama's working on making sure you know things don't always have to be your way). I'm soaking in the days at home with you & trying to not let one single one slip away, as I know before long life will change again - we'll be moving into our white house and adding another baby to the mix. I hope you know how much mama & daddy love you, how much Solomon already looks up to you, and how proud of you we all are. You're amazing, Mooshka.

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