February 22, 2016




reading: Ephesians // (still) All the Light We Cannot See (Mike's something to read from last year) 

playing: Iron & Wine | Our Endless Numbered Days | vinyl 

watching: Downton Abbey & Parenthood 

trying: to get back into the routine of meal planning 

cooking: (this week) ranch turkey burgers, coconut crusted chicken fingers & (leftover) lentil soup 

eating: frozen York Peppermint Patties (or "big mints" as Amos calls them) 

drinking: coke zero with fresh squeezed lime 


calling: no one (: 

texting: Haley 

pinning: recipes & stuff for the white house 

tweeting: I don't do twitter..


crafting: Rust & Stardust ideas 

doing: making plans for Mikey's 29th birthday 

going: to Charleston for the weekend with "unca Will" & T (: CANNOT WAIT 

loving: that my (birthday) orchids from 3+ years ago are simultaneously blooming 

hating: that I've been so slack with my camera lately 

discovering: that we live on a very, very busy street 

enjoying: the "new temporary house" and how close it is to Mikey's work (oh, and the white house)

hoping (for): this warmer weather to stick around 

celebrating: Brock & Meghan's upcoming wedding 


smelling: Mrs. Meyers lavender candle ... my very favorite  

thanking: mikey for planning a (third) baby-moon 

considering: going to bed 

finishing: thank you notes for a sweet surprise shower I was given 

starting: to count down the days until BM3 is here (36 days 'til our due date!) 


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